Like clockwork, following the candied haze of another Halloween passed, the holiday marketing season is in full swing. If there is one thing we’re learning from the scope and scale of the more than two-dozen holiday campaigns we’re managing this season, it’s the glaring fact that media companies need to focus on improving the audience experience in today’s content-hungry, digital-first world.

When publishers are able to customize an advertising experience, they are rewarded with engagement. In that same vein, when the experience fails to align with consumers’ needs and preferences, publishers are more inclined to alienate—rather than appeal to—their desired audiences.

In the spirit of sharing our digital insights this holiday season, let’s look at three ways we’re seeing ad creative hone rich media elements to capture the eyeballs—and dismantle the inner Scrooge!—of persnickety audiences.

#1: Yep, autoplay videos are still a thing.

The historical bane of consumers and advertisers alike, autoplay video has a well-documented reputation as the outdated ad tactic that just won’t quit. Often criticized for hampering both content accessibility and the overall user experience, it is no wonder why the disruptive, unexpected blare of ads storming the screen have gotten a bad rap over the years.

As Celtra’s beta partner, we’ve witnessed firsthand how they’ve reimagined a new standard of best autoplay practices—sans the intrusions

Recognizing an opportunity to equalize the qualms of autoplay video’s interruptive nature, companies like Celtra are paving the way to smarter advertising by introducing innovative formats that shift the ad experience from annoying to impactful. The company’s outstream video formats are specifically designed with mobile in mind, enabling advertisers to integrate creative with content to deliver a premium user experience, unlike any other:

    • Responsive design and animation
    • Faster loading times
    • High-quality playback for retina display

While it’s true autoplay videos may never top the list of user-preferred ad formats, Celtra’s reimagined approach can nonetheless bolster a brand’s digital campaign to a scale that was previously unattainable.

#2: Integrating rich media with page skins gets eyeballs.

The best page skins run on all devices and combine campaign videos and other rich media assets for an immersive user experience that maximizes brand impact.

Emerging as the next big thing in online display advertising are page skins: static and/or animated background images that wrap around entire Web pages in a takeover style to amplify campaign creative and messaging.

During the few months leading to the holidays, page skin formats accounted for nearly 10% of Theorem’s client campaigns, picking up in popularity for their ability to focus the user’s attention on the page’s clickable ad unit, thereby ensuring the advertising message stays in eye line for guaranteed visibility.

#3: Video storytelling empowers the user experience.

These days, consumers are inundated with options. With so many products, services, and competitors flooding the market, brands more than ever before must get creative with their storytelling efforts to ensure their messaging really sticks.

The most-celebrated and memorable ads have always been ones that tell great stories. 

For an ad to appeal and resonate with consumers, its content must relay a story so effective that it broadens viewers’ perspectives and compels them to take action. With the holiday season in full effect, it’s an excellent time of year for brands to gear up their ad campaign efforts by integrating stories that tug on the heartstrings of consumers. Check out some of our favorite heartwarming holiday videos of 2016 here.

Theorem Future Perspectives

    • To align with the industry’s growing demand for dynamic creative, a brand must provide a user experience supported by rich media elements that enhance ad content and the company’s overarching message.
    • Video ad integration has become a burgeoning area of interest for brands seeking new ways to engage and broaden their audience reach.
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Posted by Manuel Moreta

Manuel started his digital advertising career as a web designer and front end developer before transitioning to hold senior roles across Theorem. Since then he has been in charge of managing and leading Theorem creative services teams and key creative accounts. He is currently responsible for directing and overseeing the delivery of our creative services across Theorem’s global operation. Get in touch with Manuel.

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