To say 2016 was a year of chaos is putting it mildly. Politics and fallen celebrities aside, the year was also ripe with change across a fragmented and fast-moving digital media landscape.

Aligning at the crossroads of tech and innovation, digital media seems to be in a constant state of flux. In 2016, with changes taking place across the market at breakneck speed, industry players faced a whole slew of obstacles and uncertainty in an effort to stay ahead of the curve.

With the new year officially underway, we decided this would be a great time to examine the major trends that had the biggest impact in shaping 2016’s digital media space. To gain some perspective, we reflect back on two of the major insights pulled from panelists featured in our DigitalPerspectives reports.

A quarterly compilation of feedback from leading US and UK–based digital media agency leaders, Theorem DigitalPerspectives was designed to uncover emerging trends, changes and developments in the fast-moving media marketplace.

  • Online creative is evolving to deliver greater impact. With today’s informed consumers demanding more personalized, immersive experiences, the digital media landscape underwent major experimental phases in 2016; rapidly innovating in an attempt to keep audiences engaged.
  • Video will push into direct and private marketplaces. 2016 marked a major transition of advertisers, redirecting digital ad spend to premium publishers and private marketplaces. According to our market data, ad spend is shifting to higher-quality inventory—especially through more-transparent mobile private marketplaces and premium publishers.

Source: Theorem DigitalPerspectives

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Posted by Dominic Finney

Dominic Finney has over 18 years’ digital experience, gained from a range of technology and agency roles. Dom began his career in product marketing at Netscape at a challenging time when the company was battling MSN for a share of the internet browser market. He has held management roles at Stardom MediaVest, Aegis and Quantum Media, and co-founder of Far Partners, which was acquired by Theorem. He is currently the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Theorem. Get in touch with Dom.

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