There’s no denying it: programmatic sales are quickly becoming a vital part of publishers’ ad strategies. 

In fact, more than 80% of publishers are currently using programmatic solutions to sell digital advertising, including both real-time bidding and premium direct solutions, according to recent research.

With programmatic accounting for a hefty bulk of publishers’ digital revenue, it has become even more important to dig deeper into yield optimization. That means warming up to new programmatic opportunities for publishers to grab more ad dollars.

Life made easier through sales automation

Programmatic guaranteed is gaining traction among publishers who are looking to automate the lengthy direct sales processes and bring greater audience insights to their premium ad buys. This allows them to easily promote their available inventory in a more efficient way – saving time for both the buy and the sell side of the equation.

Additionally, programmatic guaranteed is helping publishers drive operational efficiency by ensuring their premium inventory and audiences achieve goals without high infrastructure costs. By using the open exchange, publishers can identify advertisers that they haven’t worked with before, and are able to target their sales teams on new brands that can be migrated up funnel to a guaranteed buy.

Segment and match inventory with the right buyers

Premium inventory has always been publishers’ bread and butter. That’s why one of programmatic’s biggest benefits for publishers is the ability to carve inventory into very small segments, gleaning insights from behavioral data to accurately match their inventory and audience profiles with buyer preferences.

Forward-thinking publishers use data to build a clear understanding of what buyers prize which inventory and audiences, offering advertisers a number of different ways to target the right consumers. Such targeting enable publishers to continuously segment that audience into premium buckets, and therefore higher-yielding ad placements.

Theorem Future Perspectives:

  • Publishers understand that in order to sell audiences efficiently across channel, they will need to embrace a programmatic future.
  • Publishers recognize the benefits of programmatic guaranteed to bring much-needed efficiency to their own sales process and provide a richer, smarter advertising experience to buyers.
  • Programmatic tools can also help publishers understand what advertisers value in terms of inventory and audiences and why, and leverage technology and data to match audiences to buyers and achieve higher prices.
  • Programmatic technology is drastically changing the digital media marketplace for the better, and one of the keys to realizing its potential is simply being open to them. There’s a lot of innovation happening, so publishers must really make sure they’re taking a good look at what’s available, while also working with technology partners that help with their objective: to maximize revenue yields and growth.
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Posted by Kara Degeorgis

After successfully working as a freelance digital artist for several major publishers and brands, Kara’s passion for art and technology led her to a career in the digital advertising space with Theorem. Since 2014, Kara has played a key role on the creative team, building out Theorem’s brand communications and creative service offerings with award-winning design work. Her current responsibilities include guiding clients through the intricacies of successful ad design and development from innovative ideation through execution. In parallel, Kara’s working towards a Master’s Degree in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design in NYC.

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