Now a growing priority across the digital media landscape, the use of personalized ads is expected to double in 2017, according to Theorem market research.Even though many consumers find personalize ads to be more engaging and memorable, the market is still some way from delivering on that prospect. However, that’s all about to change through a big shift in the market towards dynamic creative.

According to recent findings from Theorem DigitalPerspectives, our quarterly report that gathers insights, trends and changes from digital media leaders across the UK, the use of dynamic creative for personalized ads is expected to double from 19.9% in 2016 to 40.8% in 2017. For publishers, this means focusing on the right creative and acquiring the ability to measure success in order to bridge the gap currently hindering mobile monetization.


Source: Theorem DigitalPerspectives

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Posted by Henry Rowe

Henry Rowe is a digital media industry veteran. Prior to founding FaR Partners, he served as Managing Director of Carat Digital, the UK’s largest digital media buyer; in this role, he tripled the size of the business over a three-year period. Before that, Henry was a founding employee of the UK’s largest specialist digital media agency, ‘i-level,’ serving as head of digital partnerships. Get in touch with Henry.

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