Pandora has recently announced new features that strike a healthy balance between users and advertisers.

Thanks to a revamped subscription called Pandora Plus, paid members can unlock additional song skips and replays without any commercials, along with the added benefit of an offline listening mode, for $5 per month.

Non-subscribers who opt for Pandora’s free service will also be able to skip songs and replay tracks, so long as they agree to view a 15-second video ad to unlock these capabilities.

According to their blog post explaining this new incentive, Pandora cites the bold move as another extension of their philosophy: ‘What’s good for the listener, is good for the advertiser.’

Pandora’s new way of delivering video ads is just the latest step towards granting users more control and flexibility when it comes to advertising. When we pair this with Pandora’s 1,000+ audience targeting segments, advertisers have an even greater opportunity to connect with their desired audience with ads made to resonate. When a person is involved in creating their own experience, the doors are flung wide open for brands to resonate. This is the future of advertising. In fact, users are nearly 4x more receptive to a brand message when they feel they have control over the ad experience. 

This announcement marks the most substantive change to Pandora’s service in years by giving its listeners the power of choice, and advertisers the ability to cast a wider net for new audiences.

To read the full blog post, click here.

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Posted by Kara Degeorgis

After successfully working as a freelance digital artist for several major publishers and brands, Kara’s passion for art and technology led her to a career in the digital advertising space with Theorem. Since 2014, Kara has played a key role on the creative team, building out Theorem’s brand communications and creative service offerings with award-winning design work. Her current responsibilities include guiding clients through the intricacies of successful ad design and development from innovative ideation through execution. In parallel, Kara’s working towards a Master’s Degree in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design in NYC.

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