In today’s state of information overload, people are really starting to crave customized experiences. It’s not exactly ‘new’ news; even statistical findings reveal that, as human beings, we are naturally more inclined to engage with information that we find relevant and interesting. And it’s this desire for personalization that plays a major role in how and why the digital media ecosystem must adapt to the psychology behind what most folks (secretly) long for: feeling connected.

Cue the whirlwind efforts from publishers, advertisers and agencies, alike; all jumping on the ‘Make Our Audiences Feel Special’ bandwagon in hopes of cultivating truly unique experiences that drive both consumer loyalty, and increased ROI.

Perhaps most notably, music-streaming giant Pandora has recently announced an exclusive partnership with A Million Ads, a London-based dynamic creative audio vendor, in a new move that has the industry turning heads: bringing data-driven creative to the audio marketplace.

According to Pandora’s recent blog, which can be found in greater length and detail, here, the two brands are joining forces in a move to better target Pandora’s 81 million active listeners through the following joint initiatives:

  • Dynamic Creative at Scale: This entails serving real-time, tailored audio ads to Pandora listeners through a single tag using registration data. In doing so, advertisers are able to create thousands of versions of an ad, easily and efficiently.
  • Sequential Messaging: By harnessing sequentially targeted audio ads through a combo of audio storytelling and sophisticated targeting technology, campaigns will be able to tell a unique brand story that really hits home.

This is a natural extension of the best-in-class personalization we bring to the music listening experience on Pandora every day. Our massive data set, combined with A Million Ads’ ability to deliver tailored, data-driven audio creative in real-time, gives us yet another way to help advertisers unlock the power of audio.John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer at Pandora

Though this initiative is still in the early stages of development and execution, we’re more than excited to see how this one ‘plays’ out.

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Posted by Melanie Montano

Melanie comes to Theorem with over six years of proven background in content research, strategy and development, with a specialized focus in editorial leadership and style guidance. Having received her Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England, Melanie has since returned to the States, where she currently serves as copywriter and content development strategist at Theorem. Get in touch with Melanie.

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