The rise of viewability as the new currency of brand marketing has been hotly debated in recent years. Even though the adoption of viewability offers the promise of better digital media campaign performance, it has also generated a number of challenges. Theorem and Sublime Skinz conducted this comprehensive research to get deeper insights on the connections between viewability and brand performance.

Conducted in spring 2016, our Viewability & Brand Metrics Study featured a panel composed of US executives from both agencies and publishers. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative processes, this report aimed to identify trends about viewability as a newly recognized ad performance metric, while gauging deeper insights into the connections between viewability and brand awareness.

Among the many eye-raising findings, our panel study revealed that, despite certain challenges hindering viewability from working effectively in today’s current market, 57% of decision-makers believe all digital advertising will be bought on a viewability model (otherwise known as vCPM) within the course of two years.

When Brand Advertising Will be Purchased on a vCPM


Source: Theorem DigitalPerspectives

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Posted by Dominic Finney

Dominic Finney has over 18 years’ digital experience, gained from a range of technology and agency roles. Dom began his career in product marketing at Netscape at a challenging time when the company was battling MSN for a share of the internet browser market. He has held management roles at Stardom MediaVest, Aegis and Quantum Media, and co-founder of Far Partners, which was acquired by Theorem. He is currently the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Theorem. Get in touch with Dom.

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