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Theorem DigitalPerspectives: Looking Back on 2016

In 2016, advertisers shifted dollars in favor of higher-quality inventory and experimented with creative that delivers greater impact.

/ January 2017

‘Tis the Season—to Get Creative

In the spirit of sharing our digital insights this holiday season, we take a look at three ways in which ad creative is honing rich media elements, particularly video, to capture and engage audiences.

/ December 2016

Mobile Steals ‘Ad Revenue’ Spotlight

The popularity of mobile devices and social networks are key factors fueling online advertising revenue growth for 2016, according to IAB's recent report.

/ December 2016

Innovate—or Walk the Plank

The transition to digital has proved to be a rocky road for premium publishers, who’ve been forced to evolve at breakneck speed by making massive shifts in the ways content is getting consumed—and by whom.

/ December 2016

Taking Measures to Maximize Mobile Experiences

To succeed in today’s noisy digital space, publishers need to partner with technology vendors to monetize their mobile content and enhance their user experiences.

/ November 2016

The Bigger Picture of Programmatic TV

Digital advertising players stand to benefit from this automated and data-driven method of buying and delivering ads against TV content.

/ November 2016

Reconciling Vendor Inconsistencies

The buzzword that just won't quit, viewability remains a bone of contention in digital advertising as the industry struggles to compromise on a standard approach for measurement.

/ November 2016

Chatbots Help Publishers Connect with Consumers

Providing intuitive support for its flesh and blood users, chatbots are being leveraged by publishers to deliver personalized content experiences.

/ November 2016

Digital Disruptions Driving Change

In today's tech-savvy world ripe with change and disruption, organizations must be able to innovate their digital strategies at lightening speed.

/ November 2016

Let’s Get Personal(ized)

Content publishers are on the lookout for creative, new ways to incorporate ad personalization efforts into the mix.

/ October 2016