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Lessons from APAC: How Publishers Can Thrive in a Mobile-first World

With over 4 billion consumers in 23 countries speaking 14 different languages, the APAC region has always been challenging for publishers.

/ May 2017

The New Power Couple: Creative and Data

In our data-obsessed world, it can be tempting to question the value of creative.

/ April 2017

How Publishers Can Defend Themselves in the Age of Methbot

The most insidious ad fraud perpetrator of all time, Methbot has shown that digital publishers must implement key safeguards in order to protect their brand credibility and premium ad revenue.

/ April 2017

Survival of the Fittest: Digital Darwinism

With new tools, technologies and trends continuing to reshape the media landscape, established companies must reinvent core business models to affect real change.

/ March 2017

Combating the Onset of Ad Fraud

Razorfish outlines the current state of digital ad fraud, its impact on the industry, and the necessary steps to combat this ongoing industry obstacle.

/ March 2017

Singing a New Tune with Programmatic Audio Advertising

To date, radio is the third most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 54 percent of the country’s population daily – and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of podcasts’ burgeoning popularity.

/ March 2017

Is Viewability Uniformity the ‘Unicorn’ of Digital Media?

Advertising trade groups are pushing to establish a standard that will reconcile ad fraud and wastage through a more uniform means of tracking the viewability of ads in mobile apps.

/ February 2017

Publishers Explore New Avenues to Maximize the Value of Inventory

Thanks to programmatic media buying, advertisers can target a very specific user, and the layering on of data has become a necessity for those buyers.

/ February 2017

Mobile Fragmentation Continues to Pose Challenges

Publishers are challenged to deliver engaging experiences across all platforms, and the shift in consumer time from desktop to mobile is, potentially, the most important monetization challenge to all media owners.

/ January 2017

Dazzlin’ Video Ad Campaigns of 2016

As we enter the new year with a little nostalgia, we can’t help but reminisce about the themes, concepts and strategies that led to some of the most compelling video ad campaigns of the year.

/ January 2017