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Brush up on the best business practices to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives.

IAB Defines Podcast Metrics

As podcast advertising continues to gain momentum, so does the need to outline the metrics that will help advertisers determine whether their ads are effective - and their money is well spent.

/ October 2016

Google Gets “AMP’d Up”

With the 2015 launch of both Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News App, AMP is Google’s answer to the increasing demand for a fast and stream-lined mobile experience.

/ October 2016

Salesforce: State of Marketing

Salesforce releases its third annual 'State of Marketing' research report, highlighting the most prevalent digital media trends and insights of 2016.

/ October 2016

The Dark Horse of Digital Transformation

The rise of data analytics, cloud computing, mobile and social gives way to a new C-level executive: the Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

/ October 2016

A Call to Arms for Dual Revenue

With the rise of ad blocking, publishers have started to really look at their overall revenue streams....and the need to diversify has never been more prevalent.

/ October 2016

DataXu Releases Report on Transparency

Recent DataXu report highlights non-transparent business practices found to be pervasive in the U.S. media-buying marketplace.

/ October 2016