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Key statistics on all the latest changes and trends facing the digital media market.

Mobile Spend Shifting from Direct Buys to Private Marketplaces

Brand advertisers looking to target mobile consumers with timely, relevant advertising messages are increasingly using mobile private marketplaces.

/ February 2017

Publishers Explore New Avenues to Maximize the Value of Inventory

Thanks to programmatic media buying, advertisers can target a very specific user, and the layering on of data has become a necessity for those buyers.

/ February 2017

Mobile Fragmentation Continues to Pose Challenges

Publishers are challenged to deliver engaging experiences across all platforms, and the shift in consumer time from desktop to mobile is, potentially, the most important monetization challenge to all media owners.

/ January 2017

Theorem DigitalPerspectives: Looking Back on 2016

In 2016, advertisers shifted dollars in favor of higher-quality inventory and experimented with creative that delivers greater impact.

/ January 2017

The Push toward Personalization

As we reflect back on the market trends of 2016’s past, it has become increasingly clear that the demand for personalization and dynamic creative won’t be sizzling out anytime soon.

/ January 2017

Perfecting the Art of Ad Personalization

Even though many consumers find personalize adds to be more engaging and memorable, the market is still some way from delivering on that prospect. However, that's all about to change through a big shift in the market towards dynamic creative.

/ November 2016

Engaging With Personalized Video

With personalized video growing in popularity, the market’s desire for it continues to increase as video content adoption is expected to rise to 62.7% by 2017.

/ October 2016

Viewability: Here to Stay?

Ad viewability has become one of 2016's top campaign optimization goals, despite the industry struggling to agree on measurement standards.

/ October 2016