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Pandora: Analyzing Ad Trends of 2016

From mobile to data, and everything in between, Pandora presents the most noteworthy advertising trends from 2016.

/ January 2017

Theorem DigitalPerspectives: Looking Back on 2016

In 2016, advertisers shifted dollars in favor of higher-quality inventory and experimented with creative that delivers greater impact.

/ January 2017

Resetting the User Experience

If there is anything to be observed for the future of video advertising, it’s the glaring fact that media companies will need to step up their 'user experience' game in today’s content-hungry, digital-first world.

/ January 2017

‘Flashing Forward’: Video Advertising Moves to HTML5

IAB Tech releases new practical guidance for migrating digital video advertisements to HTML5 and JavaScript in new move to improve user experience of video advertising.

/ January 2017

The Push toward Personalization

As we reflect back on the market trends of 2016’s past, it has become increasingly clear that the demand for personalization and dynamic creative won’t be sizzling out anytime soon.

/ January 2017

Creative Elements Get More Eyeballs

With personalized video growing in popularity, the market’s desire for it steadily increases. Today’s publishers, however, still struggle to offer video due to costs and lack of internal creative staff.

/ December 2016

Publishers Warm up to Programmatic Opportunities

Publishers understand that in order to sell audiences efficiently across channel, they will need to embrace a programmatic future.

/ December 2016

‘Tis the Season—to Get Creative

In the spirit of sharing our digital insights this holiday season, we take a look at three ways in which ad creative is honing rich media elements, particularly video, to capture and engage audiences.

/ December 2016

Ushering in Immersive Digital Experiences

There is a lot at stake for media companies in today's disruptive marketplace, especially as informed consumers vocalize a need for more personalized and immersive experiences.

/ December 2016

Transatlantic Trends: Scale vs. Shift

A recent survey conducted by Theorem shines a market-wide spotlight on the differences in scale and adoption of digital campaign trends in the U.S. and the UK.

/ November 2016