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A forward-looking review of digital trends impacting publishers’ monetization strategies.

Publishers Move Beyond Traditional Storytelling

Publishers must think outside the box in order to remain competitive in this new era of digital storytelling.

/ February 2017

Publishers Explore New Avenues to Maximize the Value of Inventory

Thanks to programmatic media buying, advertisers can target a very specific user, and the layering on of data has become a necessity for those buyers.

/ February 2017

Facebook Takes a Stance Against Fake News in Germany

Facebook is expanding its trial of measures to combat fake news beyond the U.S. for the first time — and will shortly be rolling out the updates in Germany.

/ February 2017

New IAB Initiative to Bridge User Experience Gap

The SDK, originally developed by Integral Ad Science, provides an open-source framework for monitoring in-app ads.

/ January 2017

Mobile Fragmentation Continues to Pose Challenges

Publishers are challenged to deliver engaging experiences across all platforms, and the shift in consumer time from desktop to mobile is, potentially, the most important monetization challenge to all media owners.

/ January 2017

Dazzlin’ Video Ad Campaigns of 2016

As we enter the new year with a little nostalgia, we can’t help but reminisce about the themes, concepts and strategies that led to some of the most compelling video ad campaigns of the year.

/ January 2017

Pandora: Analyzing Ad Trends of 2016

From mobile to data, and everything in between, Pandora presents the most noteworthy advertising trends from 2016.

/ January 2017

Theorem DigitalPerspectives: Looking Back on 2016

In 2016, advertisers shifted dollars in favor of higher-quality inventory and experimented with creative that delivers greater impact.

/ January 2017

Resetting the User Experience

If there is anything to be observed for the future of video advertising, it’s the glaring fact that media companies will need to step up their 'user experience' game in today’s content-hungry, digital-first world.

/ January 2017

European Publishers Catch an Ad Blocking Break

While it’s too soon for the industry to declare victory in the war against ad blockers, certain signs point to ad blocking rates stabilizing in Europe.

/ December 2016