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After successfully working as a freelance digital artist for several major publishers and brands, Kara’s passion for art and technology led her to a career in the digital advertising space with Theorem. Since 2014, Kara has played a key role on the creative team, building out Theorem’s brand communications and creative service offerings with award-winning design work. Her current responsibilities include guiding clients through the intricacies of successful ad design and development from innovative ideation through execution. In parallel, Kara’s working towards a Master’s Degree in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design in NYC.

‘Flashing Forward’: Video Advertising Moves to HTML5

IAB Tech releases new practical guidance for migrating digital video advertisements to HTML5 and JavaScript in new move to improve user experience of video advertising.

/ January 2017

Publishers Warm up to Programmatic Opportunities

Publishers understand that in order to sell audiences efficiently across channel, they will need to embrace a programmatic future.

/ December 2016

Mobile Steals ‘Ad Revenue’ Spotlight

The popularity of mobile devices and social networks are key factors fueling online advertising revenue growth for 2016, according to IAB's recent report.

/ December 2016

IAB Proposes New MRAID Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has proposed a major update to its Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition (MRAID) guidelines – shining a spotlight on pressing areas that include viewability, location and measurement.

/ December 2016

The Bigger Picture of Programmatic TV

Digital advertising players stand to benefit from this automated and data-driven method of buying and delivering ads against TV content.

/ November 2016

Pandora’s Ad-Friendly Initiative

In a clever bid to bridge the tension between advertising partners and loyal listeners, Pandora has recently announced new song-skipping features that can be accessed after viewing a video ad.

/ November 2016

Digital Disruptions Driving Change

In today's tech-savvy world ripe with change and disruption, organizations must be able to innovate their digital strategies at lightening speed.

/ November 2016

Women as Digital Change Agents: The New Candidate Pool

Gaining traction as the spark plug to jump-start digital change, the emerging role of the CDO has opened new doors of opportunity for C-suite women.

/ October 2016

IAB Defines Podcast Metrics

As podcast advertising continues to gain momentum, so does the need to outline the metrics that will help advertisers determine whether their ads are effective - and their money is well spent.

/ October 2016

Salesforce: State of Marketing

Salesforce releases its third annual 'State of Marketing' research report, highlighting the most prevalent digital media trends and insights of 2016.

/ October 2016