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Dominic Finney has over 18 years’ digital experience, gained from a range of technology and agency roles. Dom began his career in product marketing at Netscape at a challenging time when the company was battling MSN for a share of the internet browser market. He has held management roles at Stardom MediaVest, Aegis and Quantum Media, and co-founder of Far Partners, which was acquired by Theorem. He is currently the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Theorem. Get in touch with Dom.

How Publishers Can Defend Themselves in the Age of Methbot

The most insidious ad fraud perpetrator of all time, Methbot has shown that digital publishers must implement key safeguards in order to protect their brand credibility and premium ad revenue.

/ April 2017

Singing a New Tune with Programmatic Audio Advertising

To date, radio is the third most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 54 percent of the country’s population daily – and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of podcasts’ burgeoning popularity.

/ March 2017

Mobile Fragmentation Continues to Pose Challenges

Publishers are challenged to deliver engaging experiences across all platforms, and the shift in consumer time from desktop to mobile is, potentially, the most important monetization challenge to all media owners.

/ January 2017

Theorem DigitalPerspectives: Looking Back on 2016

In 2016, advertisers shifted dollars in favor of higher-quality inventory and experimented with creative that delivers greater impact.

/ January 2017

The Push toward Personalization

As we reflect back on the market trends of 2016’s past, it has become increasingly clear that the demand for personalization and dynamic creative won’t be sizzling out anytime soon.

/ January 2017

Creative Elements Get More Eyeballs

With personalized video growing in popularity, the market’s desire for it steadily increases. Today’s publishers, however, still struggle to offer video due to costs and lack of internal creative staff.

/ December 2016

Transatlantic Trends: Scale vs. Shift

A recent survey conducted by Theorem shines a market-wide spotlight on the differences in scale and adoption of digital campaign trends in the U.S. and the UK.

/ November 2016

Taking Measures to Maximize Mobile Experiences

To succeed in today’s noisy digital space, publishers need to partner with technology vendors to monetize their mobile content and enhance their user experiences.

/ November 2016

Reconciling Vendor Inconsistencies

The buzzword that just won't quit, viewability remains a bone of contention in digital advertising as the industry struggles to compromise on a standard approach for measurement.

/ November 2016

Google Gets “AMP’d Up”

With the 2015 launch of both Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News App, AMP is Google’s answer to the increasing demand for a fast and stream-lined mobile experience.

/ October 2016