Accelerated Mobile Page (aka. ‘AMP,’ for short) is Google’s open source initiative designed to improve the performance of the mobile web. With the 2015 launch of both Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News App, AMP is Google’s answer to the increasing demand for a fast and streamlined mobile experience.

What’s unique about AMP is that it is built on existing web technologies, allowing publishers to host their own content and manage their own advertising while still providing an optimal mobile experience to their readers. Accelerated Mobile Page is designed to load content lightning-fast. It does this in many ways, including allowing only asynchronous scripts, sizing all resources statically and keeping all third-party JavaScript out of the critical path.

The result? An extremely lightweight web page that loads incredibly fast. What this means for content producers and media owners is that their articles will ultimately be surfaced and read without incidence.

AMP’s long-term effect on publisher revenue and readership is still unclear, however publishers have stated that audience growth is definitely up with AMP. While Google hasn’t confirmed this explicitly, it seems that Google will penalize publishers who do not adopt AMP HTML in search results. In addition to an SEO hit, publishers who do not use AMP may also lose readers who prefer the fast and streamlined AMP experience.

Once again, Google has the upper hand on how publishers approach search and audience growth via SEO, however in this case, the AMP product will ultimately reap the benefits for publications so testing is definitely a good plan.

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Posted by Dominic Finney

Dominic Finney has over 18 years’ digital experience, gained from a range of technology and agency roles. Dom began his career in product marketing at Netscape at a challenging time when the company was battling MSN for a share of the internet browser market. He has held management roles at Stardom MediaVest, Aegis and Quantum Media, and co-founder of Far Partners, which was acquired by Theorem. He is currently the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Theorem. Get in touch with Dom.

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