Theorem’s been busy this year, leaving footprints across the globe to attend some of 2016’s most impactful digital summits, expositions and conferences, ranging from DMEXCO and Digiday to MIN and Adweek. Most recently, we have engaged with fellow digital media practitioners to discuss the emerging trends and hot-button topics facing Q4.

With the rise of ad blocking, publishers have started to really look at their overall revenue streams – including big names like The Economist; taking stage to discuss plans of decreasing the number of ads shown to fed-up consumers, turning to ad blocking software. The Economist, like many other publishers, are moving toward a subscription- based model for some of their content.

The idea is that their core audience will gladly pay to have access to exclusive content behind the pay-wall. The experience for those whom subscribe is a very good one. Other publications have stressed the need to infuse ad-supported models with commerce-based models.

If content is about subject matter “X” why wouldn’t you want to support that topic with products or services that are endemic to the customers interest? Sean Holzman, CRO of Bonnier Digital, emphasized their need to support content in the “outdoor” space with products that will be seen as complementary to the subject matter. If you are reading about dirt bikes, chances are the customer is also interested in after market parts for their bike. Makes sense and publications are wising up to this approach quickly!

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Posted by Dan Exter

Dan Exter started his media career working in content creation and video production for Cablevision (currently Alice USA). During his seven years at Cablevision, Dan worked for one of the company's exclusive network properties, MSG Varsity, the first 24/7 high school sports network. As a Digital Producer, Dan created original and engaging content for all of MSG Varsity’s viewing platforms consisting of a linear channel, mobile application, digital publication and a video on-demand (VOD) channel. He also led in the network’s social media initiatives and created a low-cost production formula for full-game broadcasts, which would soon become the network’s most popular source of content. He is a Digital Media Analyst on the consultancy and strategy team at Theorem. Get in touch with Dan.

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